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About ATNOH Group

The ATNOH Group is a collaborative association of professionals who share a common heritage within the business, international security, law enforcement, and diplomatic communities. Corporate threat and risk, public safety consulting, cybercrirne, and cyber security issues are the focus of ATNOH Group.

The Group's expertise in collecting, analyzing, and producing business intelligence provides a unique foundation for clients to plan, manage, and execute successful strategies around the globe. The goals are:

  • to inform clients on the known, and unseen, variables that affect their business;
  • to protect client's personnel, operations, brand, reputation, and information;
  • to advance client's various interests through advisory, investigational, advocacy, liaison, and strategic services tailored to their individual risk thresholds, goals, and corporate culture.

As part of the core services of due diligence investigations and cyber resilience advice, ATNOH Group is also well positioned to provide corporate sales teams with public safety engagement support around the globe. ATNOH Group has provided advice, consultation, and support to companies in the technology, communications, natural resources, medical, and financial sectors.


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